4 Unique Ways to Track an iPhone Location Using Their Phone Number Without Them Knowing

Track an iPhone Location Without Knowing

    Did you know that iPhone popularity is so immense that according to Statista, the worldwide Q4 2023 revenue included 43.8B dollars? It shows the global demand for these small gadgets and how many people love them for their design, characteristics, and advanced technology. 

    However, as the usage of iPhones increases, so does the risk of individuals falling prey to predators. In this review our focus point centers on the intriguing question: how to track an iPhone with just a phone number? We’ll tell you about the 4 most popular methods that can help you with any iPhone location so that you can decide which one is the best choice for your tracking needs.

    Quick Summary for iPhone Location Trackers 

    Find My iPhone and Google Maps, while widely known, can be considered outdated when it comes to tracking someone’s iPhone location. Despite being free, they are not anonymous. How to track an iPhone location by phone number discreetly? Try GEOfinder.mobi. With this tool, you can insert the mobile number and obtain geolocation information without leaving any digital trace of your activity.

    When Is It Required to Detect an iPhone Location by Phone Number?

    Although Android OS keeps its position as the leading mobile operating system worldwide, Apple is a top choice among the younger generation in the United States. Studies show that, on average, young individuals spend several hours daily on their phones, engaging in social media, watching entertaining content, using IM apps, etc. This increased digital connectivity also makes them more vulnerable to online predators actively hunting for “easy” victims. These individuals may attempt to befriend young users, offering support while convincing them to share sensitive information. This data, once obtained, can be used to harm them further, ranging from disclosing home addresses to accessing credit card details. 

    So, if you are a responsible parent looking for an effective way to protect your kid from any possible harm caused by their iPhone use, then this review is what you need to read. Knowing where your kid is currently located without bothering them will ensure you will always be ready to protect them if any concern arises. So, how to find iPhone with phone number? It is what we will tell you in the next section of this review.

    4 Easy Ways to Track an iPhone Using Phone Number in 2024

    Although there are many ways to track iPhone phone number location, the most effective and reliable ones utilize advanced GPS location tracking technology and real-time location information while prioritizing user privacy and data security. Additionally, reliable location-tracking services use encryption to safeguard your information, ensuring your data is handled securely and kept private. So, what are these tools, and which one is the perfect choice for you?

    GEOfinder.mobi: Best Tool for Tracking iPhone Location by Phone Number Without Them Knowing

    If you want to track your loved ones’ real-time whereabouts even if a VPN on their device is turned on, then GEOfinder is what you need. In addition to being a web-based tool, the tracker app can also be downloaded on your Android or iOS cell phone for quick access to obtaining location data (via Google Play and App Store). There is no need to install this iPhone tracker on the target device, meaning you do not need physical access to their device to download and set it up. 

    Keep an eye on your kid’s IP, WiFi, SIM card inserted, or VPN, if applied, by sending an SMS containing a link that, once clicked, will immediately send you their accurate location data. The best part is that you do not need to jailbreak the target iPhone and never worry about the risk of disclosing your identity. Noteworthy, GEOfinder offers a $1 trial and unlimited geolocation requests.

    LocationTracker.mobi: Great Assistant for Free iPhone Tracking Without App Installation

    Would you like to know how to track an iPhone location by phone number for free? LocationTracker will satisfy your curiosity without needing to pay for a subscription. The tool is easy to use, and the one thing you need for it to start geolocation tracking is to insert the cell phone number in the search box, click “Find”, and allow it to begin tracking iPhone by phone number. The tool ensures global connectivity with any cell phone carrier without the need for app installation on the target mobile phone. It works by the following principle:

    1. You insert the cell phone number, and an anonymous text message with a clickable picture is sent to the target. Alternatively, the customizable text can be sent in any messenger.
    2. The recipient clicks on the link attached and enables location services. And you’re good to go – view their real-time location on Google Maps.

    The additional features the app comes with are a GPS tracker, VPN checker, WiFi tracker, IP logger, and cell phone carrier lookup – everything you need to know about the device you are tracing. The best part? It’s a web-based tool that is completely legal to use. 

    Google Maps: Popular In-Built App for Tracking iPhone with Ease

    Google Maps has long held its reputation as a go-to, freely accessible Android and iPhone finder by phone number globally used for quick and efficient navigation, seamlessly connecting users to their desired destinations. With Google Maps, it is possible to track an iPhone location worldwide. But you may ask how to use Google Maps to find someone’s location. Here’s a quick explanation:

    1. Firstly, check whether the Google Maps app is installed on the device whose location you want to track. 
    2. If it is uninstalled, find it using the App Store to install it on the target iPhone or iPad. 
    3. Once installed, open the app by pressing the app icon. 
    4. Log in using their email address and tap their profile picture at the top right corner. 
    5. Click “Share Location”.
    6. Now, choose yourself from the contacts list and confirm your actions to begin iPhone location by tracking phone number. 
    7. Wait a few seconds until the app detects the current location of the iOS device.

    Note that you can choose the time you want to track an iPhone – for 1 hour, 1 day, or until the device owner won’t turn off the Google Maps location tracking on their cell phone. 

    Although this is an excellent parental control app with a kind of geofencing that can provide you with essential information about the time your child enters and leaves specific areas, it won’t be the best choice if you want to track your spouse, close relative, or friend. Using tracking methods irresponsibly may result in legal complications. Therefore, it is strongly advised to seek permission to prevent any undesired legal issues.

    Find My iPhone: Cost-Free Method to Find a Lost iPhone Using iCloud

    Do you want to locate your child’s iPhone right now? Do not waste time. Use their iCloud for this purpose. It’s about the Find My iPhone app, created to help you track stolen or lost iPhone. It works by connecting to Google Maps and detecting the current location of your target iPhone. However, to use the tool, you should know your target’s iCloud credentials, which are necessary to log into the account of the person whose iPhone location you want to detect. If you have access to it, follow the guide below:

    1. Open Find My iPhone and open all devices.
    2. Choose the desired device. 
    Choose the desired device
    1. Track iPhone by phone number. 

    Using the app, you can also track location history to get more data about the target smartphone.

    Verdict: Best Methods to Track iPhone Location

    So, now you know how to track an iPhone location by phone number in case of necessity and which tool is the most suitable for each specific scenario. However, we strongly recommend using these tracking methods responsibly, respecting others’ privacy, and prioritizing open communication to address any issues before taking any tracking measures.


    Can you track a device by phone number?

    Yes. Thanks to modern location tracking tools like Find My iPhone, Google Maps, GEOfinder, and LocationTracker, you can easily find iPhone location by number when needed. For this, you do not need to pay but have an Internet connection to know the real-time location data of your target device.

    How can I locate another iPhone?

    It depends on the tool you use for this. For example, you must know the target’s iCloud credentials to track an iPhone location with Find My iPhone or be part of the Family Sharing Apple ID. Using Google Maps, you will be required to access the target’s iPhone to make some adjustments. If you want to track phone number without the risk of being caught, a discreet web-based tracker like GEOfinder would be the perfect bet for you.

    How can I track my lost phone from someone else’s iPhone?

    Using your iCloud credentials is the best way to track an iPhone if lost. Take another iOS device and log into Find My iPhone using your Apple ID and password. Once logged in, choose “iPhone” and get accurate geolocation info about your lost cell phone. 

    Can I track my husband on Google Maps without him knowing?

    Yes. Using a phone tracker like GEOfinder.mobi or LocationTracker.mobi is the perfect solution. These apps are web-based, and for this reason, they work in stealth mode without them knowing.

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