How to Locate Someone In Nigeria Using Phone Number?

phone number tracker in nigeria

    Everyone deserves a break from work, and for travel enthusiasts, visiting Lagos, Nigeria’s bustling metropolis, ranks high on the list of must-visit cities. However, what if you’re traveling with a child whose every step must be traced? Or what happens when the sun dips below the horizon and you discover your smartphone has been lost? Panic sets in, but then you remember an effective solution that can assist you in solving the problem ‒ using a Nigeria number tracker.

    With so many methods and tools available online, choosing the best one in case of emergency may cause additional stress and anxiety. But do not worry. Luckily, you’ve come to the right place. In this article, we’ll tell you about the best and the most effective solutions for safe and accurate tracking phone number in Nigeria.

    GEOfinder: Most Efficient Phone Number Tracker In Nigeria

    For real-time location tracking of your target cell phone, GEOfinder is the optimal choice. Renowned as the best mobile number tracker in Nigeria and other countries, it’s the best cell phone tracking app worldwide. It’s useful in situations like losing or having your phone stolen and staying connected to your loved ones. Operating in stealth mode ensures an anonymous tracking experience, making it an ideal choice for those who do not want to be detected.

    Pros of GEOfinder

    • GPS location monitoring on maps
    • IP logger and WiFi tracker
    • VPN checker
    • Free carrier lookup service
    • Complete anonymity
    • Ability to track the location with a 5-minute interval
    • All cell phone models, carriers, and network providers supported
    • Works globally
    • No installation required
    • Easy to use
    • 24/7 support
    • 14-days money refund
    • 1-day trial app version for only $1

    Cons of GEOfinder

    • Only one subscription plan is available
    • Requires the recipient to click a URL to share their whereabouts

    How to Track Someone with Phone Number Using GEOfinder

    Well, how to track a phone number in Nigeria using GEOfinder? In short, it’s an easy task. You just need a few steps to follow to succeed with that. 

    1. On the website, enter a target cell phone number into the search bot, and click “Find”.
    find location by number with geofinder
    1. Enter your email address and card information to pay for the subscription plan. If no previous payment options are supported in your country, you can use debit cards, Google Pay, or a crypto payment method.  
    1. Check an email for a successful payment and log into your account. 
    sign in
    1. You will be offered a few SMS message templates for the target person. Choose the one or create something unique that will increase the chances the recipient clicks a URL attached to it. 
    2. Once they click the URL, their location data will be shared with you. 
    3. Go to your userspace. 
    4. Start tracking their current location data on Maps. 

    What Is the Best Free Phone Number Tracker in Nigeria?

    Do you want to know how to locate someone in Nigeria using phone number for free? Sure. The best methods to succeed with it are as follows:

    • Google Maps
    • Find My Device 
    • Find My App

    Let’s talk about each method separately.

    Google Maps

    We use Google Maps as the best assistant to navigate from point A to point B. It’s a perfect tool that helps us find the shortest route to the destination in case of a traffic jam or unexpected road closures, ensuring we arrive at our destination efficiently and on time. But do you know that Google Maps is also used to track a cell phone number? Yes, for this reason, you can use it as a free phone number tracker in Nigeria. How?

    Here’s what you have to do (the guide is the same for Android and iOS devices):

    1. Take the target user’s device or ask the person (if they haven’t done it before) to add your email address to their Google Contacts.
    2. On the target smartphone or tablet, open the Google Maps app.
    3. Tap the profile picture.
    4. Choose “Location sharing” and “New share”.
    5. Choose the period you want to obtain their location data. 
    6. Choose yourself from the list of contacts with whom the target person will share their whereabouts. 
    7. Tap “Share”.

    Find My Device for Android

    Find My Device is one of the best built-in solutions for Android devices to track a phone number in Nigeria, providing peace of mind in case of a misplaced or lost device. This navigation tool can also erase your smartphone to protect against sensitive data leaks.  

    Well, if you want to know how to track a phone number in Nigeria using Find My Device, here are the steps to follow:

    1. Download Find My Device on your phone using the Play Market app or use on your default browser.
    2. Log into the target Google Account. 
    3. Select a device you want to track. 
    4. Once done, Find My Device will send a notification to that device.
    5. Track a mobile location by phone number.  

    Find My App for iOS

    The Find My App is an alternative solution to Find My Device but can only track a phone number in Nigeria on iOS devices. Before delving into its usage, it’s essential to note that accessing this tool requires familiarity with your target cell phone’s iCloud credentials.

    So, how to use this free phone number tracker in Nigeria? 

    1. Enter using any web browser. 
    2. Sign in using the target cell phone’s iCloud credentials. 
    3. Choose “All devices.” Then, tap on the device you want to track. 
    4. If the smartphone is online, its location data will be displayed on Google Maps.
    5. If offline, you won’t be able to track a phone number.  

    Why Would You Need to Track a Phone Number in Nigeria?

    Although there are many safety reasons you will need to track a phone number in Nigeria, here we have listed the most common out of them:

    • Tracking a stolen or lost phone: In case you have lost or stolen your cell phone, a tracker can help you locate its whereabouts. 
    • Monitoring your kid’s location: If you are a concerned parent, knowing your child’s real-time location in Nigeria can help protect them in case of necessity or emergency. 
    • Detecting scammers: With the rise of phone scams and fraudulent activities, using Nigeria phone number tracker apps can help verify the identity and location of suspicious callers.
    • Navigating your elderly parents: Phone trackers can help guide your parents to a specific location, especially in unfamiliar areas of Nigeria.


    A reliable phone number tracker in Nigeria is essential for various purposes, from locating lost devices and ensuring personal safety and security to monitoring family members and preventing fraud. For accurate and hassle-free location detection without causing inconvenience, consider utilizing a trusted solution like GEOfinder. Yet, if you are looking for free monitoring tools, then using Google Maps, Find My App, or Find My Device would be good alternatives. However, they may not provide the same precision and features as dedicated tracking solutions like GEOfinder.

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