Trace a phone number within minutes

Type in the phone number you want to locate

GEOfinder is a robust phone number tracker that allows you to identify the precise location of any phone number on a map regardless of their mobile network.

phones location found
Any phone model

Compatible with any cell phone model, of any brand

Supports all networks

Works with all mobile network operators: trace phone number of anyone you’d like

Totally anonymous

Geolocation is requested anonymously: you won’t be identified

No installation required

There is no need to download software: track their location by phone number

One click and zero effort to find anyone’s location across the globe

  • GEOfinder determines the location of any phone no matter where it is

  • You’re welcome to adjust the message for the recipient as you wish

  • Receive detailed location on the map

  • There is no phone number that GEOfinder can’t trace

  • Unlimited geo-location requests enabled


How it works:

You provide the phone number

If you know the phone number you want to locate, it’s half the battle. Just type it in the field at the top of the page.

Phone alert
We send a request

The target user receives a text message with a request to confirm their location for different reasons.

Location display
You receive their location

Once the target user confirms the request, you’ll be notified and immediately supplied with the user’s exact location on a map.