Find someone’s location on Google maps

The app can be used for the best tracking results. You can find someone’s location on Google maps just by using the phone number. This feature will be useful if you decide to watch out for the children’s all-day-round activity when they are out of the home. So, with GEOfinder, you can have a wide picture of all the places visited and the precise location in real-time mode. Location tracking can be used for the employee working day examination. Stay informed with all the information you need.

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  • GEOfinder works on principles of modern technology. It was developed by experienced professionals to be used without any hitches. As practice has shown, GEOfinder determines the exact location accurately to the smallest details. You don’t need to have much information to find someone’s location on Google Maps in one click. The person’s phone number will be enough to get their GPS coordinates.
  • Any mobile number in the world can be tracked.
  • Send unlimited geo-location requests to a phone.
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How does it work?

1. Select among the SMS variants and send it


2. The target person receives it with the link inside


3. The owner of the device shares the location


4. Now you can find out the location in the user space


Get detailed reports from Google Maps

The software enables tracking the precise information about the person’s location: data, address, and GPS coordinates. You’ll see it gathered into understandable tables in your GEOfinder user space.

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The most advanced way of usage

Any phone model

All generations of cell phones, both smartphones and multifunction phones

All networks support

GPS location can work on any mobile phone network required

100% anonymous

The targeted person won’t get any information if you track their location

No downloading

No need to install the app before usage. The cell phone number is the only thing needed


The digital technologies world enables multiple ways for you to find someone’s location on Google maps. But we propose you meet with the most reliable one - GEOfinder. Our service requires no personal information. You don’t need to leave any credentials or passwords. Everything you need to do is type the needed person’s phone number. And in a few minutes, the understandable reports will be dispatched to you.

To find someone’s location on Google maps on an iOS gadget won’t be much trouble. Visit service website, find the appropriate field for the request information and fill it. Wait for a few minutes. What are the processes provided during this waiting period? The targeted person receives the specific link via the message, follows it, and thereby shares their location with us. You’ll get the report about it instantly.

When it comes to GEOfinder usage, the answer is “no”. Nobody will know their device is tracked via our app unless you tell them. But in general, you can understand that your gadget is monitored while checking the GPS settings. These are set on continuously if someone tries to get location information from your device.

When a shared location on Google Maps from the targeted device doesn’t update, it means that their location has a bad WiFi connection or the mobile operator doesn’t work well at the exact moment. Otherwise, the person’s device can be turned off. By the way, the same situation can occur when the cell phone is in flight mode.

GEOfinder provides its users with a high-quality service that has no run-ins with the law. Remember that our app can be used for parental control. If it comes to tracking an adult person, they must be aware of the intentions you have. The process when you find someone’s location on Google maps should keep the border of the person’s private life.

GEOfinder developers tried their best to make the product according to the latest technologies. So, the service enables getting the information about a person’s location in just a few minutes. The data reduction process is flash-like. Visit the service’s website and meet with the advanced way to find someone’s location on Google maps.

Yes, GEOfinder provides the possibility to try the product for free. No risks and dangers. Just try the app’s trial offer and meet with the top-level technology enabling the getting an exact person’s location.

While using GEOfinder, one doesn’t need to know the credentials for the targeted iOS device, nor does one need physical access to the Android gadget. Our app works without installation. It enables you to use it in real-time by cell phone number only. Be sure that GEOfinder is a reliable tool for such a purpose in the modern digital market.