3 Best Ways to Track Phone Location Without Them Knowing

Track Phone Location Without Them Knowing

    If we get back in time to the moment the tracker was created, the necessity to secretly locate cell phone was at the roots of the whole industry. Of course, since then, things have changed a thousand times, but the idea of tracking the phone without them knowing is still with us. There are much more than one method for this.

    Quick Overview of the Most Effective Ways of Phone Tracking

    One of the main questions that bother lots of parents and partners is how to track someone’s phone without them knowing. Luckily, nowadays, there are a lot of methods, and you can easily choose the one that fits you most. We will present you with the 3 most reliable ones to track a mobile phone that work with iOS and Android devices, with GEOfinder.mobi top-ranking our list.

    Method 1: Track People Without Them Knowing Using Location Tracking Apps

    The easiest and most reliable way to track a phone without any hassle is to use a tracking app. The software market is full of various offers that track the location of the target device; obviously, some are more reliable than others. 

    Top 3 Services to Track One’s Phone Secretly

    Let’s take a look at the most reliable and effective methods to track someone’s location secretly and anonymously.


    If you want to track a person’s phone number, you can use GEOfinder. To access this service, you do not need to install anything either on your device or the target one; it is operated via the website. Noteworthy, it offers a $1 trial offer for 48 hours. Apart from location tracking, it offers a couple of more features:

    • IP tracker;
    • VPN connection notification;
    • WiFi connection notification;
    • carrier lookup.

    Combining all these services lets you get the fullest information about someone’s current location. However, there is one piece of info you must provide to use them – phone number. If you do not know it, you are in trouble. But let’s not talk about troubles and get to how this service works.

    To track a cell phone with GEOfinder, you must enter the phone number on the website – geofinder.mobi – in the corresponding search field. Upon doing so, you will be offered to register an account if you haven’t done so or proceed to compose an SMS if you have.

    You may wonder why you need to compose a message to track someone by cell phone number. It sounds like nonsense, isn’t it? Well, it is not. GEOfinder sends a tracking link to the chosen phone number, and you get the location information only after the owner opens this link. That’s why you are also asked to come up with an interesting message to accompany this link to make a person tap on it. Good luck with composing it!


    LocationTracker.mobi is another answer for how to track someone’s location without them knowing. There is not much to add about this service as it is very similar to GEOfinder. The main difference is that it sends a picture along with a link. You should enter the phone number in the search field and upload any picture to the website. To track the location, simply send the picture to your object anonymously via the website. LocationTracker allows unlimited geolocation requests to any number every 5 minutes.

    Also, it is possible to send this picture via any messenger if you don’t know their number. In any case, you will access their real-time location as soon as the person taps on the picture. Even if you send it from your own account, no suspicions will be raised since they just follow the link to see the picture that you sent, that’s all!


    Cell-track is also a web-based service to track someone without them knowing in Polish. You must know the phone number and have an account with the service to track a cell phone. If you follow all the requirements – you will get the tracking link. Send it together with an exciting message and track someone’s phone location. The service offers a $1 trial, and the full pack per month costs $39.99.

    Method 2: Use Google Maps to Track Someone Without Them Knowing

    Google Maps is another decent way to track the GPS location. This application is pre-installed on Android devices, and even iPhone users often prefer it over Apple Maps. Thus, it should be easy to set everything up.

    1. Get the device in your hands. Double-check that the owner is logged into their Google account. To do it, simply open Google Maps and tap on settings. You should see the account name and Google e-mail there if everything is fine.
    2. The item you need in the settings is called Location Sharing. Tap on it and agree that you want to share the location history from this device with the chosen users.
    3. Choose you on the list or add your account there. In such a way, you will start getting all the GPS data from the chosen device.

    Method 3: Find My Device and Find My iPhone to Track Someone and Get Their Location History

    Find My applications are pre-installed on most modern phones and allow you to access the device location without informing its owner. The only difficulty you may face using them is that you need the owner’s credentials to log into their Google or Apple account. As soon as it is done, you get access to real-time location tracking and the exact location at the moment.


    Is it legal to track someone without their knowledge?

    There is no prohibition to track someone, anonymously or not. If you use Google Maps or Find My – you do not break any rules at all. There is no punishment for using Google Maps, thanks God! As for apps like GEOfinder and LocationTracker.mobi – these are web services; you do not need to install them on the target device. Thus, you do not break any laws, and it is completely legal.

    Can location tracking apps access my personal information?

    Location tracking apps do not get access to any of your data. Moreover, they do not have any means to do that as you are not requested to provide any of your information, so you may not worry that you can be compromised.

    Are there any ethical uses for location tracking apps?

    Well, it depends on why you want to track someone without them knowing. If you want to ensure they are safe and sound – of course, it is okay to monitor someone’s device – it can be called an ethical use. On the other hand, if you just follow your own dark and egoistic goals – it is obviously not.

    How can I locate someone’s phone without sending them an invitation to download an app?

    There are many ways how to secretly track a phone, not downloading anything on the target device. The first thing coming to mind, of course, is using Google Maps or Find My apps, as they are free and are already present on almost any device. Alternatively, you can track a phone number without them knowing using GEOfinder.mobi and LocationTacker.mobi web-based trackers. They are very simple to operate and can be accessed in seconds via websites.


    How to see someone’s location without them knowing? It all depends on what you need and on your opportunities. To use some trackers, you must know the phone number; for others – access the target phone. Find My Device and Find My iPhone applications require you to know the target’s credentials, but at the same time, they are the easiest to use. 

    All of the methods mentioned in this article are proven ways to see someone’s location anonymously, so do not hesitate to try them! Especially considering that you can track someone by cell phone number without them knowing for free, as GEOfinder has a free trial that can be requested from customer support.

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