3 Ways to Trace a Cell Phone Location

how to trace a phone number

    There are three eternal questions people have been trying to find the answers to: 

    • What happened to the dinosaurs?
    • Is there any life on other planets?
    • How to trace a phone number?

    The first two questions are still subjects for research and investigation, but luckily for you, the location of a phone number is no longer a secret covered with darkness. People have invented different ways to locate a mobile device, but it all became possible thanks to the revolutionary GPS technology. Now, let’s go through some detailed information on the best services to track the location of a phone number.

    Way 1: Use Location Tracking Services

    Location tracking services, or, in other words, phone tracker apps, are special software solutions developed either specifically to track a cell phone location or to spy on the device and all its activity. Depending on what type of app it is, there can be significant differences in their technical requirements and ways of using them.

    №1 GEOfinder.mobi

    GEOfinder is a web-based tool that uses GPS technology to track phone numbers. It has several major advantages that make people choose it over many other titles:

    • it works equally well with Android and iOS devices as it basically does not care about the platform and does not require installation;
    • you only need to type the phone number to trace a phone;
    • the exact location of a phone will be shown on the map;
    • it has a 1-day free trial that allows you to test how the app works.

    With GEOfinder, you can track location without having any access to the device, as the app is fully remote. The price is pretty reasonable for such type of service: $49.99, and you can choose the payment method that best fits your preferences. There are several available options: PayPal, bank card, crypto, or Google Pay.

    How to Use GEOfinder to Trace Phone Location Without Them Knowing?

    Now, we are getting to the GEOfinder tutorial. It won’t be long, as this service to track a number was designed with the idea of creating it as simple as possible so that everyone could track a number with it without any fuss. There are 3 main steps to follow:

    1. After you register with the service and pay for the subscription, you must enter the mobile number you want to track in the search bar on the GEOfinder website.
    2. Compose a message that your target will receive together with the tracking link. You must either inform a person that they are being tracked or write something to convince them to open the tracking link.
    3. Send the message and wait for the number owner to open the link. As soon as they do that – you will see their current location.

    №2 LocationTracker.mobi

    LocationTracker is also a web-based service that can be used to search for a phone by its number anonymously. The whole concept of number trackers swirls around the person’s GPS location information after they open a tracking link, and LocationTracker is no exception. When you use this app, you will be asked to provide someone’s phone number and then send a tracking link to that number.

    LocationTracker has several differences from GEOfinder:

    • if you want to find someone, you can send the tracking link yourself via any message or social media of your choice;
    • you can attach a picture to the message to entice the target to click;

    After your target opens the tracking link, you will see their approximate location on the map. Tracking accuracy depends on the connection quality and how old the device is, and usually, it is quite high.

    №3 uMobix GPS Tracker

    uMobix is one of the most popular tracker apps that are supposed to be installed on the target device. It works with iPhones and Android devices, but the installation procedure is different for these platforms:

    • for iPhones, you must know the target’s iCloud credentials. You can install uMobix remotely, and you may only need to get the telephone in your hands to pass the 2FA if it is activated.
    • for Android, installation is manual, and you must download the file to the target device and install the app. Of course, you will receive detailed guidelines, but you must have physical access to the device anyway.

    When everything is set, you can log into your online dashboard and check all the details about their location there. The current coordinates will be shown on a map, and you may be able to see the location history as well. 

    The location tracking feature is not the only one in uMobix’s arsenal. The app was developed to trace all phone activity, so it has special tools to help you:

    • get call logs and detailed information on the calls (even with area code);
    • monitor social media;
    • check if there are harmful third-party apps on the device;
    • record every keystroke;
    • read messages.

    Like GEOfinder, uMobix has a 1-day free trial. Should you be interested in it – discuss it with the customer support agent, it usually takes a couple of minutes to activate it. If you decide to continue using uMobix, there are 3 subscription plans: monthly for $49.99, quarterly for 29.99/m, and yearly for $12.49/m. They do not differ in terms of features, so select the one you like only based on the period for which you plan to use the app.

    Way 2: Take Advantage of Google Maps

    Google Maps is a great free way to track one’s location. You can check the current and past location of a phone number by simply activating location sharing in Google Maps settings on the target device and choosing your number there. 

    It is a very helpful feature, and many people find Google Maps to be the easiest way to check the phone number’s location for several reasons:

    • Google Maps are pre-installed on every modern Android phone, or they can be easily downloaded on an iPhone from the App Store.
    • the location is shown on the map, which is very convenient;
    • the only thing you must do is activate location sharing on the target phone – it only takes up to a minute;
    • it is a very precise method of tracking a cell phone number.

    Way 3: Trace via Find My Device or Find My iPhone

    Find My apps can be called a default method of GPS tracking on all modern devices. Their main purpose is to find a device if it is lost or stolen. You can use such apps to view all devices connected to your Google/Apple account or family group, and if you need to track your friend’s location – simply add them to this group. 


    There are many ways to track a phone number location, but the easiest way is simply to call a person and ask where they are. However, we understand that not everyone likes to call, and there may be reasons to hide their location. In this case, you can use GEOfinder or LocationTracker to reveal their current location or uMobix if you are interested in other details like the owner’s conversations or browsing history. If you only need to track someone occasionally once in a while, Google Maps and Find My apps are included in your service.

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