4 Best Tools to Track Your Boyfriend’s Phone Location

track my boyfriend location

    Are you concerned that your boyfriend might be keeping something from you? Perhaps something as serious as infidelity? If you have been dating for some time and you thought it was the person you want to spend your whole life with, but lately, you’ve noticed a shift in the dynamic, a weakening of the once unbreakable bond, you’re naturally curious to uncover the cause behind it all, especially when open communication brings no results.

    This review focuses on monitoring your partner’s whereabouts with special tools to answer the question, “Where is my boyfriend right now?” So you won’t be cheated anymore. With access to this information, you can make informed decisions and regain peace of mind, ensuring you’re not being deceived. Knowing how to proceed puts you in control of your relationship’s direction. 

    Method 1: Track My Boyfriend with GEOfinder

    “How to track my boyfriend by phone number for free without him knowing?” – it’s the question every girl who cares about her relationship and wants assurance may have asked herself at some point (especially if they love each other and plan the future together). But what if you’ve been together for ages, and when you talk about getting married, he says no, or it’s not the right time? What if he suddenly becomes overly concerned with his appearance, purchases a new car, and spends more time away from home, returning late? The anger may eat you. 

    We understand your worries and a strong will to reveal the truth. The service we recommend is GEOfinder. 

    GEOfinder is not the first year on the market, so it has already gained trust among its contented users. As a web-based location tracking service, you can track your boyfriend’s phone location even without physical access to their mobile phone – all from the comfort of your home or office, regardless of distance, cell phone model, carrier, or network used.

    Key Features of GEOfinder

    Well, you may probably ask: “Why should I track my boyfriend by phone number with GEOfinder?” And we’re here to answer that question. Here’s a list of features this cell phone tracker comes with:

    • GPS location monitoring: Regardless of distance, with GEOfinder, you will be able to detect your cheating partner’s exact location based on their GPS satellite location and see it on Google Maps. 
    • VPN service detection: You can easily monitor your partner’s whereabouts even if he uses a VPN service to hide their current location from you. 
    • WiFi tracker: Everyone prefers using a WiFi connection over a mobile network because it saves your mobile data and provides faster speeds. If your partner uses another WiFi network (not the one you have at home), you can use it to detect their whereabouts. 
    • IP logger: You can check your boyfriend’s IP with GEOfinder to track his location.

    Besides the GEOfinder mentioned above features, this cell phone number tracker has the following advantages:

    • No installation
    • No rooting/jailbreaking
    • All cell phone models, OS, carriers, and networks are supported
    • Works globally
    • Only a target’s device-valid cell phone number is required
    • Allows sending one geolocation request per 5 minutes
    • Great customer support
    • Ability to track your boyfriend’s phone number for free (1-day trial version for $1)

    How to Find Boyfriend Location by GEOfinder?

    Eager to know how to track my boyfriend location for free with GEOfinder? Here are a few steps for you to follow:

    1. Go to https://geofinder.mobi/.
    2. Choose a country code and enter your boyfriend’s cell phone number. 
    3. Click “Find” and wait a moment.
    how it works
    1. Pay for your subscription plan. 
    2. Create an account and log into your user space. 
    3. You will be offered a few system-generated SMS templates. Choose the one that interests your boyfriend the most and make him click the attached link. You can create a customized template if you know what will work for your partner. 
    4. Wait till the system generates a special link. 
    5. Send the SMS with GEOfinder. 
    6. Once they open SMS and click the URL attached, you will immediately see their accurate 5-meter radius location tracking data on maps. 

    Method 2: Google Maps: Excellent Solution for Tracking Your Boyfriend’s Location

    The other way to track my boyfriend location for free is with Google Maps. It’s the easiest way, requiring no technical skills. However, you should access your boyfriend’s device to use this method. Also, be ready so that he can notice it and turn off their location sharing with you. Thus, it’s better to ask permission to avoid further complications. 

    How to Track Your Boyfriend’s Location with Google Maps?

    How to track my boyfriend by phone number using Google Maps?

    1. Take your partner’s smartphone. 
    2. Add yourself to their Google contacts.
    3. Open the Google Maps app.
    4. Tap on their profile icon, then tap “Location sharing” and “New share”.
    5. Choose the time you want to track a person’s location. 
    6. Choose yourself from the Google contacts list to get your boyfriend’s location. 
    7. Tap “Share” to confirm your actions. 

    Method 3: Find My iPhone: Good Free App for iOS Location Tracking

    Is your boyfriend an iPhone owner? No worries. For this instance, we suggest you use the Find My iPhone app. However, you should know their iCloud credentials to use this app. So, how to track my boyfriend by phone number with Find My iPhone?

    1. Open Find My on your iOS device, or if you use an Android phone, go to iCloud.com/find.
    2. Log in using your boyfriend’s Apple ID and password.
    3. Choose “All devices”.
    4. Select a device you want to locate. 
    5. If online, your boyfriend’s cell phone location data will be displayed on your screen. Otherwise, it won’t work. 

    Method 4: Find My Device: Android Cell Phone Tracker

    Another method to track my boyfriend location for free if their smartphone is Android-operated is by using a free Find My Device application. Are you interested in “how to track my boyfriend location with this tool?” No worries. A short but detailed guide is here for you:

    1. Open Play Market and search for Find My Device app. 
    2. Install it on your device (alternatively, you can simply enter google.com/android/find/ in any web browser on your smartphone, tablet, or PC).
    3. Log into your boyfriend’s Google account. 
    4. Choose a device you want to track. 
    5. Wait until the app sends that device a notification (so they’ll know you are tracking them). 
    6. Track your boyfriend’s cell phone whereabouts. 

    Can I Track My Boyfriend by Phone Number for Free?

    Although there are many ways to help you with the “track my boyfriend location for free” task, it’s important to note their limitations. Some may not function without an internet connection, while others may compromise your anonymity when needed. Therefore, we recommend a discreet and secure tool for your peace of mind. GEOfinder ensures your data safety while providing accurate location information without the risk of being detected by your partner.

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