How to Track Someone’s Location with Phone Number

How to Track Someone’s Location with Phone Number

    If you are a concerned parent worrying about your kid’s safety or want to detect the actual whereabouts of your spouse, who you suspect is cheating on you, finding their location by phone number can greatly assist. And if you think that locating someone by their cell phone number sounds like something only hackers and forensic bureaus can do, we will tell you why it’s a misconception in this review. Keep on reading to find out how to track someone’s location with phone number for free online without leaving a digital trace.

    Quick Verdict

    If you’re searching for an effective, secure, and reliable tool to pinpoint the exact location of cell phone numbers without them knowing for free, is the solution you need. Read on for a detailed review to learn more.

    When Is Tracking Location with Phone Number Helpful?

    While there are various situations that might necessitate knowing the device’s location, the following list highlights the most prevalent instances where it becomes imperative to ascertain an individual’s location via their phone number.

    Revealing Someone’s Current Location

    Do you need to locate someone urgently? Whether you are concerned about your child’s safety at school or you’re curious about your partner’s transparency in your relationship, knowing how to find someone’s location by phone number can be beneficial.


    A geofence is like a digital boundary made with a smartphone. The tool will let you know whether the device leaves or enters a specific area and will provide you with a detailed route history. This option may be essential to control your kid’s whereabouts and ensure their safety. It allows you to track your kid and receive alerts when they go beyond specified limits, providing peace of mind and the ability to monitor their current location.

    Finding a Lost or Stolen Cell Phone

    Knowing how to track someone’s location by phone number can not only assist in detecting someone’s whereabouts but also be helpful in case of cell phone loss or theft. For this, you do not need to know the cell phone IMEI number or to install Find My iPhone/Find My, only the target mobile number that will tell you all the required information in a few minutes. 

    Monitoring Employees

    Sometimes, businesses may track their employees’ cell phone locations to address safety concerns. It could be motivated by worries about sensitive data security. Or if you have noticed that your employee frequently lies about their actual location data and have already caught them on lies, it may force you to take action against them to back up your suspicions. It will help maintain a secure work environment and establish transparency and trust within the organization.

    How to Find Someone’s Location by Phone Number?

    So, how to track someone’s location with phone number without them knowing? What are the best ways to help you track a cell phone location without worrying about being caught or noticed? Well, one of the most popular ways of detecting a person’s location is using a special tracking tool. One of the best phone trackers that can assist you with this is This easy-to-use mobile phone tracker is designed to work on almost all Android and iOS devices, so you don’t even have to know the brand of your target’s phone.

    Geofinder main page

    What Are the Core Features of GEOfinder?

    Compared with the other cell phone tracking applications available on the market, such as mSpy, eyeZy, or uMobix, or reverse phone number lookup tools, GEOfinder does not require installation on the target phone to start the cell phone tracking process. Everything you need to know to detect the location of the device is the actual cell phone number. It also means that there is no need to know the iCloud credentials of an iOS mobile device to make the tool function. Briefly, this feature is an important thing that cannot be ignored, as many people deny using phone location tracker apps because of installation on the board, so neither special technical nor coding skills are required.

    This web-based tool can quickly identify the precise location of the person on a detailed map regardless of mobile network, cell phone carrier, or operating system. GEOfinder works anonymously, meaning your identity won’t be disclosed. 

    What are the other features GEOfinder offers?

    • Ability to detect real-time location data of any cell phone number regardless of distance without rooting or jailbreaking, meaning you won’t violate the manufacturer’s policy
    • If desired, you can adjust the text message to increase the chances of the recipient clicking on the link provided on SMS and thereby sharing their location history data
    • You will get location in real-time data displayed on Google Maps
    • GEOfinder phone tracker allows sending 1 geolocation request every 5 minutes
    • With GEOfinder, you can track their location IP, GPS, and WiFi connection data 
    • Get SIM card info about any cell phone number worldwide 
    • It is 100% safe and legal to use 
    • Live chat support is available 24/7, so it is possible to turn with any question you may have about GEOfinder’s use, installation, or performance

    Type in Phone Number and Find the Location Free

    To use GEOfinder, there are a few steps that should be followed: 

    1. Visit website and tap “log in” or “get started”.
    2. Create an account by entering a valid email address. 
    3. Accept the Terms of Service and Privacy Notice. 
    4. Pay for a monthly subscription period or/and enter a coupon code if you have any. 
    5. Turn off an automatic renewal if you want them to only charge you monthly for its usage once you decide to use it regularly. 
    6. Once complete, log into your user space and, using their phone number, track location by phone number. 

    Final Thoughts

    Regardless of why you want to detect someone’s location information, privacy is a top priority for GEOfiinder, so use it responsibly for personal or professional purposes, maintaining trust and authenticity.


    Can I track a phone number location for free?

    Yes, with GEOfinder, you may track a phone number location for almost free, paying only 1 dollar for the trial that can be requested via live chat. So, you can test the tool’s efficacy before paying for a monthly subscription package. 

    How can I track a phone number that has been switched off?

    Unfortunately, tracking a phone number that has been switched off is almost impossible. When a cell phone is turned off, it is not communicating with any network, so it cannot be tracked. There is a workaround – with iOS 15, iPhone models 11 and up can be tracked even if the phone is unreachable.

    Can I track the location of a deactivated phone number?

    When a phone is turned off, it’s hard to track because it doesn’t send signals to cell towels. But once it’s turned on again, the service or internet provider can show its last location.

    How to track a cell phone location without installing software on the target phone?

    If you want to know how to track someone’s location with phone number without them knowing and without installation, then is what you need. It’s a web-based tool so that the target won’t catch any suspicious app installed on their device. 

    Can people track you without your permission?

    It is possible. However, using a GPS tracker to track someone without permission can lead to penalties, while resorting to a GPS device for location tracking is legal for parental control, for example.

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