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Enjoy the power to quickly find anyone’s IP address using their cell phone number! Send an SMS, encourage them to click, and reveal their IP. Try our IP logger location tracker today!

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  • GEOfinder IP address phone number tracker works quickly, giving you the data you need conveniently within minutes. With just the target person’s cell phone number and a simple link click, you’ll receive their precise IP address swiftly, without the physical address to the target cell phone or app installation.
  • Use the IP tracker link for all cell phone models
  • Get no limits on the number of requests via the service
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How to find someone’s IP address through phone number

1. Choose the text SMS you will send


2. The device owner gets it and follows it


3. The owner of the gadget shares their IP address


4. The information is sent to User Space


Catch the accurate IP reports from the targeted cell phone

GEOfinder will compose a convenient report containing all the necessary data according to the IP address. You can see this information in your personal app’s account.

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The easy-to-use way of the IP tracker link usage

Phone models compatibility

You can trace the phone model of any brand and operating system

Works with all networks

The IP logger works with all the providers and operators. No matter what the country is.

Absolute anonymity

The app enables tracking in hidden mode. The person won’t know you are doing it.

No downloading

Don’t install this app on the device. It works remotely without physical access.

Find IP address with phone number: FAQ

An IP address, short for Internet Protocol address, is a unique series of numbers that identifies any device connected to the Internet. It plays a vital role in identifying devices and facilitating data transmission across the network.

GEOfinder IP logger location tracker is a special tool that can detect a person’s IP address accurately regardless of the cell phone model or carrier. It works fast and in stealth mode, so the person won’t know you are tracking them.

You cannot directly find a person’s IP address using their phone number because these two pieces of information are not inherently connected. However, the GEOfinder phone number IP tracker enables this capacity. Using a target’s cell phone number, the system will send an SMS, and once the person clicks on a link, the GEOfinder IP finder with phone number captures their IP address and promptly transmits the data to your user space.

Applying the GEOfinder location tracker to get someone’s IP from phone number is legal, as the app complies with state laws. Nevertheless, you should appreciate other people’s privacy. Therefore, use the GEOfinder phone number IP tracker for parental control or tell the person whose IP address you want to track about your intentions.

Absolutely. GEOfinder is a reliable IP finder with phone number that allows you to find anyone’s phone number location quickly and without the risk of being caught. It works discretely, so the person won’t know that the link they obtain in their text message enables location data sharing.

GEOfinder’s phone number IP tracker operates globally without restrictions. Our user-friendly, web-based IP address tracker seamlessly functions across different cell phone models, networks, and countries, making it accessible to everyone.

GEOfinder phone number IP tracker performs in accordance with the data gathering process via network or mobile operator. Therefore, to use the IP search tool, you should know the cell phone number of the person whose IP address you want to detect.

When someone opens an IP logger link from their mobile device, the GEOfinder IP logger location tracker immediately captures and delivers precise IP details of the individual who received the SMS and clicked the URL to the user space.

The GEOfinder phone tracking app is easy to use, so you won’t encounter any difficulties even if the person uses a VPN to hide their real IP location. However, you should know that the tool won’t work until the target person clicks on the link. Moreover, although the app allows sending as many IP location requests as needed, please be aware that you can only send one SMS to a specific cell phone number every 5 minutes.

Yes. It’s a web-based IP tracer that uses encryption to protect your private data, guaranteeing no one will detect who has sent the text message. So, do not worry. All your tracking actions will be anonymous.

You can choose between two options: select the text among the available GEOfinder templates or customize it if desired. Once the text is written, the system automatically generates a tracking link for you.

Yes. The app has a reliable tracking system that can pinpoint precise IP data within a 5-meter radius in just a few minutes. So, the app will determine the exact cell phone IP address and send the data directly to your user space.