IP logger

GEOfinder gives the possibility to check the device’s IP using the phone number only. If there is some need to catch the IP address of the targeted person, follow the software website and use the appropriate field to be typed in. GEOfinder will process your data in a moment, and all the necessary information will be dispatched to your dashboard. No physical access to the person’s device is needed. Get the IP tracker link right now!

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The person’s data from the IP logger will be available for viewing in a few minutes

  • GEOfinder was created by a great team of professionals and got the best digital decisions. The service has multiple positive reviews from real users, and that’s not surprising - you don’t need to know much about the targeted person to reveal their location. The cell phone number will be enough for you to get all the IP logger information in one click on the app’s website. GEOfinder is a user-friendly way to track someone.
  • Use the IP tracker link for all cell phone models
  • Get no limits on the number of requests via the service
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How does it work?

1. Choose the text SMS you will send


2. The device owner gets it and follows it


3. The owner of the gadget shares their IP address


4. The information is sent to User Space


Catch the accurate IP reports from the targeted cell phone

GEOfinder will compose a convenient report containing all the necessary data according to the IP address. You can see this information in your personal app’s account.

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The easy-to-use way of the IP tracker link usage

Phone models compatibility

You can trace the phone model of any brand and operating system

Works with all networks

The IP logger works with all the providers and operators. No matter what the country is.

Absolute anonymity

The app enables tracking in hidden mode. The person won’t know you are doing it.

No downloading

Don’t install this app on the device. It works remotely without physical access.


The software works in accordance with the data gathering process via network or mobile operator. The user must know the targeted person’s cell phone number. This information is enough for the request. The system will send an IP tracker link. The last one was created in such a way that while following it, the IP address is being dispatched for your request.

The GEOfinder user will get all the information about the service work at the website. All the steps are quick and understandable. What about the link that will bring you all the IP data of the targeted person? This link, as well as the text message, is system generated. Type in the person’s phone number and find out the variants proposed. Choose the one that suits your needs the best or create the text you wish.

GEOfinder gathers and dispatches all the monitoring information to your user space. As you can understand, you must log into your account with the software to see the target person’s IP address anonymously. This IP logger works without any problems with all operating systems and cell phone models of all generations.

Our product doesn’t cross the border of state law. But remember that tracking somebody’s activity must be according to all ethical norms. You have no right to overstep the bounds of personal privacy. Use this app in terms of parental control or tell the person you want to track about your intentions to use the IP logger remotely.

The IP logger from GEOfinder is the service that guarantees 100% results. The exact IP address will be checked by the software system and sent to your user space. So, be sure you’ll get the best data results only.

The majority of IP address databases don’t enable you to get the Internet protocol’s accurate physical location. But, this system can show the person’s actual city IP. By the way, the Internet Service Provider enables the physical location of an IP address. One can find the “traceroute” settings to get info about your IP address location. The next step will be the usage of the IP tracker link to track it immediately.

GEOfinder system was created with all the technical possibilities for the best tracking results. But what if the targeted person uses the VPN hidden connection? You can easily detect it with the IP tracker link and find out all the information you need, even if there are some protection measures on the targeted person’s device.

The software works in anonymous remote mode—no chance for the targeted person to know that you track them. From the first step on the website till the data is obtained, you stay anonymous for everybody.