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Are you looking for a lowdown on a user’s connection and network name? Great news! With our WiFi tracker, you can easily scoop up this data! Send a unique SMS with a URL and get the device location instantly. Give it a shot today!

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How fast does wifi location tracking work?

  • Discover the GEOfinder WiFi address tracker, a powerful web-based tool delivering swift access to target WiFi specifics – network name and device location. The app allows you to instantly locate WiFi device using only a phone number, keeping you updated on your loved ones’ whereabouts, no matter the distance, OS, or phone network.
  • Uncover the WiFi connection of any cell phone
  • The number of SMS messages is not limited at all
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How does our WiFi location tracker work?

1. Make a choice among the SMS variants


2. The person gets it and follows the link


3. The device owner shares their WiFi data


4. Get all the information in user space


Find out detailed reports about the WiFi connection

The WiFi tracker enables monitoring the precise data about the person’s spot of Internet connection: data, the place where the device is, and the WiFi network name. The GEOfinder user will see it gathered into compact tables in their personal account.

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The easiest way of usage

Any cell phone model

Track all generations of cell phones, both smartphones and older phones

Compatible with all networks

WiFi tracker can work via all networks without any hitches in one click

Full anonymity

The targeted person won’t get any information if you trace their WiFi data

No downloading

Allows you to have the exact information from the device without installing any software

WiFi location tracker: FAQ

WiFi location tracking is a unique method to determine a device’s precise location by analyzing the nearby WiFi hotspots and other wireless access points. Using the GEOfinder web-based tracker, you will be able to detect any mobile device location data with one click of a button.

Using the GEOfinder WiFi tracker tool is as easy as 2X2. Just input the target cell phone number and select an image for the text message on the website. GEOfinder handles the rest, even composing the message if you’re short on time. It sends an anonymous SMS with a unique URL to the provided phone number, pinpointing the person’s accurate location within a 5-meter radius.

Yes. Users can turn off WiFi location tracking by switching off their WiFi or/and turning off Google’s location data storage. Note, when the device is not connected to a WiFi network, GEOfinder won’t be able to determine location by WiFi network.

Yes, any device can be tracked through WiFi signals. By keeping an eye on the particular names of WiFi networks and received signal strength, you can define the device’s exact location data.

Yes, you can. When a device is connected to a WiFi network, it exposes a distinctive MAC address. Location-based services like GEOfinder utilize RSSI to triangulate the phone’s position, enabling phone tracking when connected to WiFi.

WiFi tracking is legal when not used for criminal purposes. Mainly, all websites, apps, and your ISP collect your IP address and other personal data. Other users can also track your WiFi location data under your consent. For those who want to track someone’s location hiddenly and without raising any suspicions, GEOfinder is a perfect solution, guaranteeing 100% safety and security of your private data.

No. Our WiFi tracker works entirely anonymously, and the recipient, once obtained an SMS message, will neither know who sent it to them nor what app was used for it. Therefore, you should not worry about your data being revealed.