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Let’s meet with the newest possibility to find out about Internet connections. Here’s the GEOfinder feature - WiFi tracker. It will be useful to find out the exact data. Today’s world is closely related to Internet usage and online time spending. While the target person’s device is connected to WiFi, you can catch the main information about the user’s connection and network name. It won’t take much time. Just try it now!

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The exact data reports will be seen in your user space in a few minutes

GEOfinder software enables tracking processes based on principles of modern technology. It was created by professionals to be used without any problems. GEOfinder determines the accurate WiFi data (its network name and the place where the device is). The user doesn’t need to have much information to work with a WiFi tracker in one click. The person’s phone number will be enough to get the info about the Internet connection.

  • Use any mobile number you need with the WiFi tracker
  • The number of requests sent is not limited at all

How GEOfinder works

How will you see a phone number’s location?

Cutting-edge phone location tracking features just a tap away

Stay informed and always in control by tracking someone's real-time location using their phone number. GEOfinder allows you to access the exact person's location on Google Maps in just a few minutes.


Check the device's IP with GEOfinder using the phone number only. Enter the phone number, finalize the purchase, and receive the necessary information on your dashboard without physical access to the target smartphone.


GEOfinder's advanced WiFi tracker is designed to help you find the target's phone connection and network name whenever their device connects to WiFi, providing valuable information instantly.


GEOfinder's VPN checker swiftly detects VPN usage, providing valuable insights into employees' workdays for business owners. It also helps to track the online activities of your kids or a cheating partner secretly.


Cell phones serve various purposes beyond calls and messages, requiring carrier services. Use GEOfinder’s cell phone carrier lookup to identify the current wireless provider supplying cellular connectivity to your loved one's device.


Use the SMS tracking feature from GEOfinder to find the person’s location by mobile number. Enter their phone number and customize a text message. Send it and get their current location data immediately.


Track a cell phone location for free with GEOfinder.

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Type in the phone number you want to locate

The number entered is not a valid number.

Enter a phone number

Type in the target’s cell phone number and tap FIND.

Send an SMS with a tracking link

GEOfinder instantly sends an SMS to the desired person, accompanied by a tracking link for easy location tracking.

Track down the location

Upon tapping the link in the text message, precise location data automatically of the individual appears in your user space.

Tracking Location by Phone Number: FAQ

GEOfinder provides you with WiFi data checking. This process refers to a system that employs WiFi routers to spot the targeted person’s device location. As a rule, our users work with a WiFi tracker to analyze the target persons or customers’ online behaviors. Many people want to keep their fingers on the pulse of their children’s online activity. Companies can use it to keep tabs on customers and employees. So, GEOfinder can be used by different groups of individuals.

The modern world of technologies can make this real. For instance, a business individual or third party can use a WiFi tracker to trace your device location. Somebody can use such software to find out whether you connect to the Internet via cell phone operator data or WiFi. So, as well as you can use GEOfinder, someone else can track your WiFi connection.

As it was mentioned before, GEOfinder enables all the actions connected with the Internet connection tracking via the phone number only. The app’s user can trace an IP address via WiFi. The reason is that an IP address is static, and once the system finds it out to a device, it remains to be monitored over a wireless or cellular data network. As a result, all the WiFi data will be seen in your user space in a moment.

GEOfinder works in a mode of anonymity. The targeted person won’t know about your tracking actions. You won’t miss any important detail concerning the data from the person’s gadget and will stay anonymous. Use the phone number to check the information via a WiFi tracker.

We work under the policy of absolute legality. Our users have no problems with state law because the software has specific rules. Firstly, don’t use it in cases when your actions can cross the borders of the ethical norms. Secondly, think about the purpose you want to use the WiFi tracker. It is justifiable while being used as a parental control tool. Or if the targeted person is warned about your intentions to track their device. So, it’s the user’s responsibility to use the app in an appropriate way.

We have a user-friendly policy and that is the reason we prepared the trial offer. It enables our users to try GEOfinder for free. Just visit our website and type the person’s phone number in the appropriate field. That’s all. Nothing is left to be done, but wait a few minutes for the software system to dispatch the data required to your user space.

GEOfinder presents the possibility of checking the information needed from someone’s device by having their cell phone number only. No additional information is needed to start the WiFi tracker usage, just insert the phone number into the specific field on the website’s homepage and get all the data in one click and a few minutes!

Our software was developed in a way so that you can send unlimited requests via it. No matter how many devices you want to trace, do it in one click. Start the process of monitoring someone else’s device right now!