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This advanced app aims its usage with the best monitoring results. Our users can find out someone’s hidden WiFi network just by using the phone number. This GEOfinder feature will be helpful if you decide to watch out for the children’s cyber activity when they use their gadgets alone. Also, with a VPN checker, you’ll realize the real situation concerning the employees’ working day if you are the company owner. GEOfinder can be used for this purpose and will provide more strict conditions for the work. Stay informed concerning the hidden Internet connection of the targeted person.

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This contemporary service was produced as a result of hard work and experience. That’s why it got the best digital decisions. The service has many great reviews from our users, and that’s not surprising - you don’t need to know much about the targeted person to reveal the hidden VPN network. The phone number will be enough for you to get all the information in one click on the GEOfinder website. It is a user-friendly method to track someone. See for yourself!

  • Reveal the private network usage on any cell phone model
  • Unlimited requests to a phone for the information needed

How GEOfinder works

How will you see a phone number’s location?

Cutting-edge phone location tracking features just a tap away

Stay informed and always in control by tracking someone's real-time location using their phone number. GEOfinder allows you to access the exact person's location on Google Maps in just a few minutes.


Check the device's IP with GEOfinder using the phone number only. Enter the phone number, finalize the purchase, and receive the necessary information on your dashboard without physical access to the target smartphone.


GEOfinder's advanced WiFi tracker is designed to help you find the target's phone connection and network name whenever their device connects to WiFi, providing valuable information instantly.


GEOfinder's VPN checker swiftly detects VPN usage, providing valuable insights into employees' workdays for business owners. It also helps to track the online activities of your kids or a cheating partner secretly.


Cell phones serve various purposes beyond calls and messages, requiring carrier services. Use GEOfinder’s cell phone carrier lookup to identify the current wireless provider supplying cellular connectivity to your loved one's device.


Use the SMS tracking feature from GEOfinder to find the person’s location by mobile number. Enter their phone number and customize a text message. Send it and get their current location data immediately.


Track a cell phone location for free with GEOfinder.

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Type in the target’s cell phone number and tap FIND.

Send an SMS with a tracking link

GEOfinder instantly sends an SMS to the desired person, accompanied by a tracking link for easy location tracking.

Track down the location

Upon tapping the link in the text message, precise location data automatically of the individual appears in your user space.

Tracking Location by Phone Number: FAQ

Let’s dive into this topic more precisely. A high-quality VPN can completely hide someone’s IP while encrypting the data by routing all actions via the VPN server or point. Therefore, it’s like a hidden WiFi network, and the only thing a person finds out when they trace you is the IP address of the VPN service and complete device point. But using the VPN checker from GEOfinder, people can track you if you’re on a low-quality VPN. As a result, the software will dispatch the information to the user.

GEOfinder enables tracking the hidden network point via a VPN checker. But, a hidden WiFi network can’t be tracked encrypted like VPN traffic. That is the main reason why governmental companies and police that need data about the websites their targets visit must contact their Internet provider and only their VPN provider. In case when on the same network, it’s impossible to catch all traffic. So, you can try GEOfinder to get the basic VPN data.

GEOfinder was developed as a high-quality service and aims to be a reliable one on the digital market. Our product doesn’t cross the border of state law. But remember that tracking somebody’s activity must be according to all ethical norms. You have no right to overstep the bounds of personal privacy. Use this VPN checker in terms of parental control or tell the person you want to track about your intentions to use GEOfinder remotely.

This is flash-like software! You’ll feel it immediately. The hidden VPN network tracking service works without any hitches. You’ll get the information about the hidden VPN network from the targeted device within a few minutes after the request is sent. So just wait a bit and find out the detailed data. By the way, you aren’t limited in request number.

We’ve made some investigation of the market competitors and saw that we present the most comfortable conditions to our users. GEOfinder provides the possibility to test the product for free. No risks and dangers for our potential users. Just try the app’s trial offer and meet with the top-level technology enabling getting an exact person’s location. VPN checker will help you learn more about the targeted person’s online activity.

We are a team of professionals, and we have tried our best to be one of the most reliable services on the market. GEOfinder software was created with all the technical possibilities for the best tracking results. But what if the person needed uses the VPN hidden connection? You can easily detect it with a VPN checker and find out all the data necessary for you, even if there are some protection measures on the targeted person’s device. So, we can guarantee a user-friendly and fast process of tracing someone’s location by phone number only.

GEOfinder works in anonymous remote mode—no chance for the targeted person to know that you track them. From the first step on the website till the data is obtained, you stay anonymous for everybody. Be sure that you’ll use it incognito.

Let’s check this topic more precisely. The bes VPN location is a country without limits or censorship on the content. Server load and proximity to VPN servers are also important determinants. Your hidden VPN network speed will be much more slower if the distance from your location is more significant. Also, select a server with the most negligible load. That’s it!