How Accurate Is “Find My iPhone”: Everything You Must Know About the App’s Accuracy

how accurate is iphone location

    Are you one of those iPhone owners? Have you ever had that mini heart attack when you couldn’t find it? And when, after spending some time aggressively searching for your small gadget, you find it, you breathe with immense relief. 

    However, what should you do if you can’t find it? Panic mode. Your heart starts beating quickly, and anxiety grows. You feel confused and do not know what to do next. That is where the “Find My iPhone” app comes in handy. The core questions: “How accurate is Find My iPhone?” Can you rely on it? And how can you enhance its accuracy? Keep on reading to find out the answers. 

    What Is “Find My iPhone”?

    “Find My iPhone” is an excellent assistant. It’s your superhero when your phone plays hide and seek. It’s a tool that uses GPS signals, nearby Wi-Fi, and close cell towers to pinpoint the whereabouts of your iPhone. It helps you detect an accurate GPS location of your iPhone within a 20-meter radius if location settings are correctly set up on the map. Lost your iPhone at the cafe? Office? Maybe you have left it in the gym? No worries! Using the tool, you can force your device to play a sound, even in silent mode. 

    But is Find My iPhone accurate? While the info below sounds too good, there are certain things you must consider: weather conditions and surroundings (trees, tall buildings, etc.) – they can hinder the accuracy of “Find My iPhone”. It can significantly decrease the accuracy of “Find My iPhone”. 

    How to Increase the Accuracy of “Find My iPhone”?

    Well, if you have noticed that the app is not as precise as you want it to be, there are a few tricks that can help you improve its accuracy and, in turn, help you detect the whereabouts of your smartphone in case of loss or theft.

    1. Turn on the “Precise Location” button: Go to the iPhone’s privacy settings, choose “Location Services”, “Find My”, and switch the “Precise Location” button on. 
    precise location
    1. Connect your cell phone to the Internet: If it’s not connected, the app won’t be able to provide precise cell phone location data. 
    2. Perform regular updates: iPhone updates improve the overall cell phone performance and the accuracy of “Find My iPhone”.
    3. “Send Last Location”: What should you do if your battery is low? No worries if you enabled the “Send Last Location” option. The device automatically sends its last location to Apple until the battery completely drains.


    So, now you know the answer to the question of how accurate is iPhone location when applying “Find My iPhone”. Nevertheless, by following the above-listed recommendations, you can increase your app’s accuracy and thereby increase your chances of finding your stolen or lost iPhone in case of necessity. 


    Does "Find My iPhone" give the exact location?

    “Find My iPhone” precision is not accurate because of natural elements like trees and tall buildings, which may impede the app’s accuracy in determining the exact location of your cell phone.

    How often does location update on iPhone?

    When a device is powered on and connected, its location is real-time. No need for a refresh button, it updates automatically with changes. The last known location is displayed for 24 hours if offline or powered off. 

    Why is "Find My iPhone" showing the approximate location?

    “Find My iPhone” shows an approximate location due to signal strength, possible obstacles, or device settings. Poor internet connectivity, being offline or turned off, can also negatively impact the precise location data.

    How accurate is "Find My" for Airpods?

    It depends on several factors. To find your AirPods with the Find My app, they must be close to your iPhone or iPad. It’s because the app uses Bluetooth to locate AirPods. If they are not connected to your iOS device, the last known location will be displayed. If they are nearby, their precise location will be spotted.

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