How to Track Location by Phone Number in Bangladesh

    Whatever reason you have for knowing how to track location by phone number in Bangladesh, the task could sound a bit complicated, especially if you are a foreigner. There are a few methods that you need to know in this case, and today we will tell you about the fastest and the most convenient one, which only requires the mobile number of the targeted person. – The Best Mobile Number Tracker with Google Map in Bangladesh

    If you find yourself traveling abroad or living in Bangladesh but have a foreign visitor, you have to have a backup plan on how to check someone’s location quickly. This information is crucial in cases when someone is lost, in danger, or needs help and should be traced within a few clicks.

    We are here to only share checked and well-proven methods and apps to trace mobile number current location online in Bangladesh, so our first and best recommendation would be GEOfinder. From our experience, this is the best location tracker available in the market for its price, especially knowing that it works perfectly each time. 

    GEOfinder is a web-based tool designed to be simple and intuitive. To start using the app, the user is required to only go through the registration process, which takes no longer than 3 minutes to do, and to buy a subscription plan – the price is $39.99 monthly. Also, it is possible to sign up for a $1 trial for 48 hours. By doing so, one gets unlimited access to location tracking and other perks of using GEOfinder.

    How Does Work?

    One of the best things about is the fact that it is made for people with any technical experience and doesn’t require advanced internet or device-using skills. To find location by phone number in Bangladesh you need to follow these simple 5-step instructions: 

    1. Go to, create an account, and pay for the subscription by credit card, crypto, or other methods. 
    2. At the start page of the platform, find a search bar and insert the phone number of the person, the current location of which you need to check. 
    3. The tool will lead you to the message creation field and suggest a few templates to pick. Pick one, edit, or create a new one according to your needs, leaving a generated link inside it. Note: the message could be any, but the link should stay unmodified for the tracker to work correctly. 
    4. Send the message with a link to the targeted person. 
    5. As soon as they click on it, you get access to their location on Google Maps.
    Track location by phone number in Bangladesh
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    Why Choose GEOfinder?

    Why do we advise you GEOfinder for tracking any phone number in Bangladesh? Everything is simple – we have at least 5 big reasons for that:

    • GEOfinder can check the whereabouts of any mobile device, regardless of its location
    • Using it guarantees precise location details of the targeted person displayed on the map by only mobile number tracking
    • GEOfinder can trace the location of any phone number – even lost or stolen – without exception and doesn’t require an installation of the software
    • All GEOfinder users have an unlimited amount of geo-location check requests
    • The app is intuitive and easy to use with any level of technical skills

    How to Trace Mobile Number Location in Bangladesh for Free?

    Let’s discuss alternative free methods to the above-mentioned mobile number tracker in BD. They are bulletproof but require some preparation before you will be able to track someone’s location. You won’t need the mobile phone number of the person but a one-time physical access to their device to set up tracking. We are talking about official in-build apps for Android and iOS devices.

    How to Track iPhone Using Find Devices on in Bangladesh

    The first alternative for the mobile number tracker in Bangladesh is the Find My app, which is pre-installed on all Apple phones. It allows you to track all iOS devices you have as well as other iPhone users, who permit you to monitor their location. This type of tracker works perfectly and only requires you to think ahead and set up the “find the location” feature on your and your friends’ iPhones.

    To start using Find My, open the app on the targeted device or ask its owner to follow the steps below to share their phone location with you:

    1. Select the People tab in the Find My app.
    2. Find and tap the “Add” button ( the “+” sign).
    3. Select “Share My Location”.
    4. Enter the name or phone number of the person from the Contacts with whom you want to share the phone location with.
    5. Select “Send”.
    6. Pick for how long you would like to share the location with someone: for one hour, until the end of the day, or indefinitely.

    How to Track an Android Phone with Google’s Find My Device in Bangladesh

    The second BD phone number tracker alternative is Android’s Find My Device app. Similar to the iPhone’s in-build app, it will be able to show you a target device location if such tracking is set up in advance. This method is not perfect for anonymous location tracking, but in the case of permitted monitoring of the other person’s location, it’s one of the best solutions.

    Follow the simple instructions below to share the phone location through the Find My Device app: 

    1. Open the Google Maps app and sign in.
    2. Tap your profile picture, tap on “Location sharing”, and pick a “New share”.
    3. Find on the list or add to your Google Contacts the email address that you want to share location with. 
    4. Choose how long you want to share your location.
    5. Tap “Share”.


    Is it possible to track the mobile number’s current location in Bangladesh?

    Yes, it’s possible to track someone’s current location by only having a phone number. This method will work in Bangladesh and any other place in the world. is a tool that works using tracking links, which, when opened, share the location of the device in real-time.

    How can I track mobile phone number locations in Bangladesh anonymously?

    To track a mobile phone location in Bangladesh, you can use one of 3 methods: a third-party app, like GEOfinder, to track the cell number location, Find My Device for Android, or Find My for iOS. The anonymity is guaranteed by GEOfinder or a similar app for location tracking, though, as compared to the alternatives, this method doesn’t require physical access to the device to set up monitoring. In a few clicks, you will be able to discreetly see the needed person’s location on Google Maps. 

    What are the best methods of location tracking by phone number without installing any software?

    The best solution to track the location of the other person by the phone number is to use a trustworthy third-party app like GEOfinder. The tool does not require an installation on your or your target’s device. All that is needed is to have a person’s phone number and a subscription to GEOfinder.

    How to Track Location by Phone Number in Bangladesh – Conclusion

    When looking for a good mobile number location tracker in BD, the Internet might tip you on multiple different apps, but not all of them are going to be helpful when you need to check the information quickly, anonymously, or for free. 

    While built-in apps such as Find My Device or Find My allow location tracking for free, they don’t ensure anonymity and require physical interaction with the target device. Luckily, GEOfinder nails all these requirements. This web-based phone number tracker with a free trial works as well in Bangladesh as it does in the USA or Europe and has proven to be a trustworthy tool. 

    We hope that our article was helpful and became a brief and to-the-point instruction on how to track location by phone number in Bangladesh and any place in the world. 

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