Track Cell Phone Location by SMS

Ever thought you could locate a phone through text message? GEOfinder text message location tracker allows you to send an SMS command to any cell phone network, and when the target person opens a text message with a link and clicks on it, you will instantly locate phone through text message on Google Maps. Don’t miss out - act now.

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Why is GEOfinder the best service to track location by text message?

  • GEOfinder, a web-based text message location tracker designed to locate phone through text message, enables you to send SMS commands to pinpoint the live person’s location. There is no need for extensive personal info or app installation. Enter their valid phone number to uncover location data quickly and anonymously.
  • Use any target phone number you need
  • Unlimited geolocation requests can be sent every 5 minutes
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How to get a mobile location by sending an SMS with GEOfinder?

1. The user chooses the variant of SMS


2. The device owner receives it with a link


3. The device owner shares the info you need


4. You get everything via your user space


Find out the accurate location data from the targeted cell phone

The software enables monitoring the precise digital facts about the device data, such as the IP address, type of network used, VPN enabled, etc. You can learn it with the help of a phone number only. You’ll see it gathered into understandable tables in your GEOfinder user space.

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The easy-to-use way of the GEOfinder via SMS usage

All phone types

Track any cell phone, from smartphones to multifunction phones

All networks supported

GEOfinder via SMS works with all networks while tracking the device

Completely anonymous

The targeted person won’t even suspect that you track their location

Installation free app

Allows you to track the device without installing any software physically

SMS location tracking: FAQ

Text messaging, often called SMS (Short Message Service), sends short written messages between mobile phones and other handheld devices. It is a global communication method that provides fast and easy information sharing and conversation between devices.

It frequently happens when concerned parents worry about their children’s location or a spouse suspects infidelity, and that’s when revealing the truth is vital. It’s also great to track location through text messages of your lost or stolen devices. Additionally, it’s invaluable for locating lost or stolen devices and is an indispensable tool for businesses, enabling the monitoring of field personnel or tracking shipments. For those with elderly parents, the GEOfinder text message location tracker ensures continuous awareness of their location, offering crucial support during emergencies.

While there are various tracking tools like Google Maps, Find My, or Find My Device, they don’t offer SMS-based location tracking. They require access to the target device for permission. GEOfinder SMS location tracking tool simplifies this by automatically providing location data when the recipient clicks the attached URL in the SMS.

Yes. Firstly, it’s a web-based tool that does not require installation on the target device to track someone’s location via text message. Secondly, it offers its users the ability to track cell phone location by SMS anonymously so that the cell phone owner won’t know you are tracking them but will give their authorization. Your data is securely stored and won’t be shared with third-party apps, guaranteeing the safety and confidentiality of your private data.

Using a specialized tracking app like GEOfinder ensures completely anonymous location tracking. The individual receives a standard SMS with an attached URL to access their current location data.

The legality of tracking someone’s location through text messages depends on local laws. It’s typically legal with consent, for safety, or with kids. GEOfinder, a web-based tool, was designed to track cell phone location by SMS without compromising anyone’s data, guaranteeing a safe tracking experience.

Yes. With GEOfinder, anyone can track your location and determine your exact whereabouts, even if you use a VPN service to hide it. However, using such tools responsibly, with consent, and in compliance with legal and ethical standards is essential.

Opt for a trusted web-based location tracking app like GEOfinder to track location by SMS securely. It stands out as there’s no app installation, ensuring discreet tracking without arousing suspicion.