GEOfinder via SMS

Do you want to meet with the possibility of learning more from the person’s device via SMS? We’ve got something for you. Here’s the tracking via SMS feature from GEOfinder. It will be useful to find out the exact data. It won’t take much time. Use the phone number only! Create the text message (or choose the proposed one) and wait for a few minutes. The system processes it immediately for you to get the important data from the person’s gadget. Do you want to try it?

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The service will prepare data reports and dispatch them to your user space

  • GEOfinder aims to work on principles of modern technology. It was developed by experienced professionals to be used without any hitches. As you can see, the app determines the exact location accurately to the smallest details. You don’t need to have much information to find someone’s location on Google Maps in one click. The person’s cell phone number will be enough to get the information.
  • Use the target phone number you need
  • Send unlimited geolocation requests to a phone
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How it works

1. The user chooses the variant of SMS


2. The device owner receives it with a link


3. The device owner shares the info you need


4. You get everything via your user space


Find out the accurate location data from the targeted cell phone

The software enables monitoring the precise digital facts about the device data, such as the IP address, type of network used, VPN enabled, etc. You can learn it with the help of a phone number only. You’ll see it gathered into understandable tables in your GEOfinder user space.

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The easy-to-use way of the GEOfinder via SMS usage

All phone types

Track any cell phone, from smartphones to multifunction phones

All networks supported

GEOfinder via SMS works with all networks while tracking the device

Completely anonymous

The targeted person won’t even suspect that you track their location

Installation free app

Allows you to track the device without installing any software physically


The technology world enables multiple ways for you to find someone’s digital information. But we propose you meet with the most reliable one - GEOfinder. Our service requires no personal information. You don’t need to leave any credentials or passwords. Everything you need to do is type in the needed person’s phone number. And in a few minutes, the understandable reports will be dispatched to you. Feel the safe way of tracking!

GEOfinder via SMS is a product that doesn’t cross the border of state law. But remember that tracking somebody’s activity must be according to all ethical norms. You have no right to overstep the bounds of personal privacy. Use this app in terms of parental control or tell the person you want to track about your intentions to use the tracking tool.

No doubt, it is! The software works in anonymous remote mode—no chance for the targeted person to know that you track them. From the first step on the website till the data is obtained, you stay anonymous for everybody. This is the basic point of our service.

GEOfinder is a result of hard work and experience. The app guarantees 100% results. The exact information from the device you need to monitor will be checked by the software system and sent to your user space. So, be sure you’ll get the best data results only. We’ve tried our best for you to be glad about choosing our app.

Many investigations of the market competitors were made, and based on the results, we could present the most convenient app to our users. GEOfinder provides the possibility to test the product for free. No risks and dangers for our potential users. Just try the app’s trial offer and meet with the top-level technology enabling getting an exact person’s location. GEOfinder via SMS will help you learn more about the targeted person’s digital activity. You’ll like this tracking method.

Our developers created the system of high-speed processing. This is flash-like software! You’ll feel it immediately. The GEOfinder via SMS tracking service works without any hitches. You’ll get the information about the device within a few minutes after the request is sent. So just wait a bit and find out the detailed data. By the way, you aren’t limited in geolocation requests number nor the number of devices you want to trace.

No. It doesn’t matter what kind of operating system is used at all since the main thing is the targeted person’s phone number - data for a request on the GEOfinder via SMS website. No credentials of physical access are needed.

GEOfinder processes digital data checking. Many people want to keep their fingers on the pulse of their children’s online activity. Companies can use it to keep tabs on customers and employees. And one more reason is to check your lovely one’s behavior. So, GEOfinder can be used by different groups of individuals. Try it and ensure that it is the most reliable and advanced way of tracking for free!