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GEOfinder lets you locate any person on a map within minutes. Check out how it works!

How GEOfinder works

How will you see a phone number’s location?

Cutting-edge phone location tracking features just a tap away

Stay informed and always in control by tracking someone's real-time location using their phone number. GEOfinder allows you to access the exact person's location on Google Maps in just a few minutes.


Check the device's IP with GEOfinder using the phone number only. Enter the phone number, finalize the purchase, and receive the necessary information on your dashboard without physical access to the target smartphone.


GEOfinder's advanced WiFi tracker is designed to help you find the target's phone connection and network name whenever their device connects to WiFi, providing valuable information instantly.


GEOfinder's VPN checker swiftly detects VPN usage, providing valuable insights into employees' workdays for business owners. It also helps to track the online activities of your kids or a cheating partner secretly.


Cell phones serve various purposes beyond calls and messages, requiring carrier services. Use GEOfinder’s cell phone carrier lookup to identify the current wireless provider supplying cellular connectivity to your loved one's device.


Use the SMS tracking feature from GEOfinder to find the person’s location by mobile number. Enter their phone number and customize a text message. Send it and get their current location data immediately.


Why use GEOfinder location tracker?

Cross-device compatibility

Experience a real-time location tracker that effortlessly caters to every cell phone, irrespective of brand or OS.

Integration with any network provider

No matter the provider, with GEOfinder by your side, you can swiftly track phone number location without a single glitch.

Customized message

Create an attention-grabbing SMS with a personalized sender's name to pique the recipient's interest. Arouse their curiosity to encourage them to click on the link.

Online access without installation

Unlock the hidden secrets without lifting a finger–no app installation or physical access to the target device is required.

Geo-tracking across the globe

Take advantage of real-time location monitoring capabilities without limitations in the number of geolocation requests in every corner of the world.

Track a cell phone location for free with GEOfinder.

Don’t wait, give it a go now!

Type in the phone number you want to locate

The number entered is not a valid number.

Enter a phone number

Type in the target’s cell phone number and tap FIND.

Send an SMS with a tracking link

GEOfinder instantly sends an SMS to the desired person, accompanied by a tracking link for easy location tracking.

Track down the location

Upon tapping the link in the text message, precise location data automatically of the individual appears in your user space.

What real users say


Liana Kimmy

I have been utilizing this Geofinder for quite some time now to keep track of my kids' whereabouts, and it is truly remarkable how effortlessly I can locate them in every location with only a phone number using. Recommend this tool!!!!


Mack Travis

Initially, I had doubts about the authenticity of this app, and to confirm my suspicions, I decided to give the free trial a shot. Upon testing the app, I was astounded to discover that it delivers accurate results. Consequently, I have now incorporated Geofinder into my daily routine with utmost satisfaction.


Lisette Mackenzie

The Geofinder app is amazing! It helps me in searching for the phone number in every location effortlessly. Highly recommended for anyone in need of accurate and reliable location tracking.


Ely Dennis

Thanks to this app, I know the truth... Despite his denial and claims of my overactive imagination, I stumbled upon a glowing review detailing the app's effectiveness and the enticing offer of a free trial. Intrigued, I took the free trial and tested it out, entering my own number. To my astonishment, the app gave me an exact location on the map. Doubtful but determined, I investigated further by tracking my husband's cell phone number. Shockingly, the location revealed by the app did not match the one he had shared with me... And, as fate would have it, one of my trusted friends later confirmed seeing him in the exact place indicated by the app, in the company of another woman…… I was broken but got the truth…


Norman Jacob


Alexandra Marybeth

Guys, I want to track someone's GPS location. Who knows what should be written in the SMS text message section? Has anyone tried it? Can anybody guide me on how to track a cell phone number with Geofinder? Will contact customer support anyway.


Phyllis Candi

Frankly, I do not know how exactly the app works, but it WORKS!! This phone tracker app uses SMS to find the person’s IP address. And it takes a few minutes only!!! Good legal tracking app!!


Anne Christiana

My cousin recommended me the Geofinder app to track people's location using their phone numbers. At first, I didn’t understand how it worked, but the guys at customer service went the extra mile (Iive chat was available for me right after purchase) to fulfill my needs and explained how to use this software step by step and what to do if the target moves from one location to another. Quick response and excellent customer service!!


Marla Hatty

It works as advertised! Firstly was skeptical about it, but later saw it works! Now I can track my family members or route to their location just by entering their number on the website, and I get their location on my dashboard. I also love the feature that I can write my own custom messages.


Jacob Ferdie

Guys! Don’t be afraid to use the app. It’s really great and works hiddenly. No one will find out that it was you who sent the message, and it does provide accurate GPS location tracking alerts in my dashboard. Good.

Tracking Location by Phone Number: FAQ

GEOfinder is a highly efficient cell phone number tracker that provides detailed information about the exact whereabouts of any phone number, irrespective of the mobile phone network it belongs to. With its advanced mapping technology, you can easily locate the precise location of the number on a map.

You can efficiently and securely utilize GEOfinder to track phone number location in the US anonymously. Our legitimate software operates within the boundaries of the law and ensures the safety of all users involved. The target person is sent a message with a link they can voluntarily tap on for their precise location sharing with the sender. GEOfinder boasts global accessibility, allowing for tracking from anywhere in the world without any limitations on the target person's location.

Sure. Utilizing GEOfinder, it is possible to track phone number location easily, regardless of the service provider or operating system it uses. With its powerful features, locating mobile devices is a breeze.

GEOfinder allows you to effortlessly track phone number location without installing the app on the Android device. Unlike other phone trackers, our innovative solution functions seamlessly through any web browser, eliminating the installation hassle.

Compared with the other GPS location tracking apps, GEOfinder does not require iPhone credentials, jailbreak, or physical installation. Our cutting-edge web-based application simplifies the process of cell phone tracking by only inserting the person's phone number to detect their exact location effortlessly.

With GEOfinder, you can track a cell phone’s real-time location in a few minutes. Enter a phone number of the person you want to track on our website and send a message via our user-friendly website. You will instantly obtain their real-time location on Google Maps. Additionally, you will be provided with such details as IP, WiFi network name, whether VPN is used or not, and free carrier lookup.

Phones, including iPhones and Androids, can be located even without a SIM card or network. However, a secure WiFi connection is necessary for accurate tracking. Options for tracking include Google Find My Device, location sharing, or installing spy apps to track cell phones on the target device.

You don't need to install GEOfinder on your or target’s device to track the location of the phone number. Developed for one-click convenience, GEOfinder only needs the cell phone number. Enter it in an appropriate field on the site and get a precise geographic location of the person within mere minutes.

Easily enter the target phone number, include a text, and send it out. The text of the message can be customized to make it more enticing to click on the tracking link attached. Once the recipient interacts with the link, GEOfinder will immediately track location, providing you with the truth in no time.

GEOfiner is a legal and anonymous cell phone tracker. You don't need to share data except the targeted person's phone number. It’s an excellent tool for parental control and other monitoring purposes under request. Once the person acknowledges the message and consents to sharing their location, the utilization of the software remains within the boundaries of the law.

GEOfinder is compatible with all devices, be it the latest iPhone or outdated Android cell phone. Regardless of the phone model, you can rely on GEOfinder to work seamlessly and provide you with accurate phone's location information.

GEOfinder phone monitoring app enables users to anonymously send a text message requesting location sharing while keeping their identity hidden. Users may attach a personalized message containing relevant details to either encourage the target to click on the link and disclose phone location without them knowing or inform the recipient about their intention to find them.

Certainly! To track phone number location, GEOfinder rewires you to input the phone owner’s phone number in an appropriate field on the website. It will enable you to track their whereabouts successfully. The software will provide detailed reports to your user space with extra information related to location tracking.

The IMEI and serial number provide limited information and cannot be used alone to locate or track a phone without preliminary preparation. Confidential software, known as the Police IMEI tracker, is utilized by law enforcement to trace stolen phones. However, there are special IMEI number tracking apps that you can install on your phone in advance and track the device if it is stolen.

It’s difficult to track phone that is turned off because it stops sending signals to cell towers. Generally, Find My Device, Find My, and Google Timeline can help locate a stolen phone, but it's important to note that GEOfinder and mentioned solutions only reveal the last known location when the phone was on. At the same time, in iOS 15 and up versions, the phone can be traced even when powered off with 'Find My Network' enabled.

Yes, you can track phone number location for free with GEOfinder. The tool is kind of a free app since you only need to pay $1 to enjoy a 2-day trial with unlimited SMS geolocations requests, allowing you to send one text message every three hours (this limitation is imposed to prevent arousing suspicion). To trace phone number free of charge, enter the phone number in an appropriate field on the website.