How to Track the Target Cell Phone Without Installation of Any Software

How to Track the Target Cell Phone Without Installation of Any Software

    Finding a phone spy app that can be installed on almost any mobile device is simpler than making a cup of coffee nowadays: uMobix, FlexiSPY, SpyBubble – there are dozens of titles. But is it possible to track a phone without installation? Let’s find out!

    A Quick Review of the Topic

    How to track a cell phone location without installing software on target phone should not bother you a lot, as there are enough decent offers to satisfy any tracking needs, with being the best option.

    Track a Cell Phone Without Installation using

    One of the most popular services to track a cell phone without installing anything on it is GEOfinder. The most remarkable thing about it is that it’s a web-based service, and downloading something is not only not required but also impossible.

    GEOfinder works on both Apple and Android devices, and the only thing required to track the location is the phone number. It is important to understand that this service does not use GPS; it works with the SIM card inserted into the device. If the person you want to track inserts their SIM card in another device – you will see the location of the new one.

    We guess you all wonder how to use this cell phone tracking service. Here is a detailed step-by-step guide.

    • Step 1. Register an account on This procedure takes a few minutes only, and you will be requested to pay the monthly fee if you haven’t done this yet. Alternatively, you can request a $1 trial via customer support channels.
    • Step 2. To track cell phone location without installing software with GEOfinder, you must enter the device’s phone number in the search field on the website. Remember, the legit service will not ask you for Apple ID or Google credentials, it is 100% anonymous.
    • Step 3. Enter the text message you want to send or select a template that will encourage your target to open it. GEOfinder provides you with a tracking link to make tracking possible.
    • Step 4. Wait until the recipient opens the link. You will see the current location of the phone the moment they do it.

    Apart from the location tracking service, GEOfinder provides some other useful features:

    • WiFi connection tracker;
    • VPN connection tracker;
    • Carrier lookup;
    • IP logger.

    In essence, all these features should boost your phone tracking abilities by providing information on where a person uses WiFi and if they try to hide their location with a VPN.

    GEOfinder is one of the first results on the “How to track a cell phone location without installing software” search request. Thus, should you look for a service to track a phone without installing app – we recommend trying it or at least requesting a trial.

    Other Methods to Track a Cell Phone Without Installing Anything and for Free

    Third-party services are effective in location tracking, no doubt, but it can be done with the help of some default apps present on almost every Android phone or iOS device.

    Google Maps

    Although Apple is the top brand for mobile devices, in terms of software, it still has a lot of room for growth. Google Maps app, for instance, is still unbeatable and is used on almost all devices, no matter the platform. One of its great features is that it allows you to track one’s location without installing any additional software.

    The whole procedure is even simpler than with GEOfinder – you only need to change some settings in the target phone manually. Open Google Maps, go to settings, and activate location sharing. When you are asked with whom to share – choose your number/email. 

    In such a way, you will be able to see the location and remotely monitor a person’s location and movements. The best thing is that it is completely free and does not consume the device’s resources.

    Android Device Manager

    Android Device Manager is the old name for the Find My Device feature for Android mobile devices. It is installed on all Android gadgets by default and allows you to track the phone’s location in real-time. You need to be logged into the Google account associated with the device, though.

    Initially, it was aimed at finding a lost or stolen Android phone, but it can easily be used for location tracking, there are no limitations on this.

    Track a Cell Phone Using a Location Tracking App

    Tracking a phone without an app is not the only option. In fact, any location tracking app installed on the target device is more effective and has a bigger toolkit than any web-based or pre-installed service.

    Of course, you must download and install it on the phone you want to track. After that, you usually get access to an online dashboard where the map is displayed with the location pinned, and you can also access other features, including location history.

    Another tricky thing about such trackers is that they often require a jailbreak or root to activate all the claimed features. Of course, it is not a total disaster, but many users are terrified by these words and prefer to stay away from such software. Anyway, location tracking doesn’t require such tampering with the phone settings and a simple setup could be enough.

    Wrapping Up

    It is hard to find a free cell phone tracker without installing on target phone. There is GEOfinder with its free trial and some of its “colleagues”, such as, that do not require installation, but you still have to pay for them sooner or later. 

    Default titles like Android Device Manager can track cell phone without installing anything on the device, but you should understand that initially, this app is aimed at finding the whereabouts of the lost devices, not at tracking them.

    Google Maps is a decent solution, but you must change the sharing settings on the phone you want to spy on. It allows you to remotely track your target and see a map with their location pinned. But if you cannot change the settings – it is of no use. 

    Based on everything we discussed in this article, you can choose the best method that fits your needs and skills and finally stop wondering how to track an Android cell phone location without installing software on target phone.


    Is it possible to track a cell phone without installing anything on it?

    You can track a cell phone location without installing software on the target device. There are 2 main ways to do it: using web-based services like or pre-installed default apps like Find My Device or Find My iPhone. The first method is not free, although some trackers may provide a free trial; the second does not require you to pay anything.

    Can I track a cell phone location online?

    There are special websites that let you track someone’s location just by entering their number in the search field. Such services usually work by sending a tracking link or picture a person must follow. You will see the location displayed on a map as soon as they do that. and LocationTracker are a few of them.

    Can you track someone’s location with just their phone number?

    It is possible to track a cell phone only by knowing the phone number. There are websites where you can paste the number and see the device’s location. They are very easy to use and provide quite precise tracking information. No installation is required, and anonymity is ensured.

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