How to Track a Phone Number Location in Australia?

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    Imagine the case: you are running a powerful business in Sydney, Australia, with branches in Brisbane and Adelaide. Every successful business owner understands the importance of monitoring employee activities to streamline workflow, boost productivity, and safeguard against potential data leaks. But how is it possible to achieve this remotely? How can you know your staff members are at their workplaces? Luckily, there are many apps that can help you find location by phone number in Australia. 

    In this review, we’ll tell you about the most popular apps to assist you and introduce a cutting-edge tool that can discretely track a mobile phone in Australia without leaving a digital footprint. Find a Phone Number Location in Australia with Ease

    If you are looking for the best phone number tracker in Australia that won’t bother the target person and detect their whereabouts discreetly, then GEOfinder is a perfect match. It’s a reliable web-based online phone tracker that does not require installation but only a cell phone number whose location you want to detect. With GEOfinder, you can find a phone number location in Australia and other countries, meaning the software has no border limits. Sounds great, right?

    How to Track Phone Number in Australia with GEOfinder?

    For tracing phone numbers Australia with GEOfinder, follow the next steps:

    1. Go to GEOfinder website. For this, insert in any web browser using your smartphone, tablet, or PC. 
    geofinder main page
    1. Enter the mobile device number whose real-time location you want to detect.
    2. Create an account.
    3. Proceed with the payment process.
    geofinder payment page
    1. Now, you will be offered a few SMS templates you may use to send the text message to the person. Choose one of the suggestions or write something creative. 
    2. When the recipient gets an SMS and clicks the URL attached, their location data will be disclosed.
    3. Navigate to your user space.
    4. Start tracking a phone number in Australia once they click on the link.

    Note: If the person does not click the link, their location data won’t be disclosed. However, even if the link isn’t clicked, GEOfinder tracker permits sending 1 SMS every 5 minutes, allowing you to attempt location tracking at your convenience.

    Alternative Solutions for Phone Number Tracking in Australia?

    If you want to know about the alternative solutions that will help you track phone number in Australia, the below-mentioned apps would be in handy for you. 

    Trace iPhone Location with Find My iPhone

    Do you want to locate an iPhone and are interested in how to track a mobile phone in Australia free of charge? Use the Find My iPhone application. However, you will need to know your target device’s iCloud credentials. 

    1. Go to 
    2. Sign in with the target’s iCloud credentials (Apple ID and password).
    3. Tap “All Devices” and select the device you want to locate. 
    4. If the target iPhone is online, you will see their real-time geolocation data displayed on Google Maps. 
    5. The offline status will appear below their name if you cannot detect their whereabouts. 

    Track a Phone Number with Find My Device

    Find My Device is not only a popular mobile number tracker in Australia but also in other countries. It’s a great app that enables Android device owners to find their lost or stolen devices. 

    So, if you want to find out how to find a phone number in Australia, here’s a brief but detailed guide for you to follow:

    1. Take your target cell phone and open Play Market to download Find My Device. Alternatively, you may use on your default browser.
    2. Sign in to Find My Device using the target user’s Google Account. 
    3. Choose the device you want to locate.
    4. The app will send a notification to that device. 
    5. Get the cell phone number location data. 

    Is Phone Number Tracking in Australia with IMEI Possible?

    Before we tell you how to trace a phone number in Australia with IMEI, let’s explain the meaning of this abbreviation. 

    IMEI, or International Mobile Equipment Identity, is a unique 15-digit number given to every cell phone. Service providers employ this number when you report your cell phone as stolen or lost. The purpose is to avoid potential data leaks or, worse, unauthorized access to your credit cards, which could result in financial theft.

    When you report the loss or theft, your IMEI is added to the blacklist, which will prevent the phone from being able to connect to any Australian network. Only police and phone providers can track phones by IMEI legally and effectively.

    While you cannot use the IMEI number to monitor your cell phone location data, alternative solutions mentioned above can help you with it. 

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Can you track a phone location with just the number?

    Yes. It’s possible when using All you need to do is insert the target person’s mobile number in the search box and send them an SMS with a system-generated URL. Once the person clicks on the link, their whereabouts details will be instantly sent to your user space.

    How can I find a location with a phone number for free?

    Find My iPhone and Find My Device are two of Australia’s most popular tools for free phone number tracking. They allow users to locate their lost or stolen devices, ensuring a quick and efficient way to detect their smartphone location.

    What is the best way to track a phone number?

    It’s up to you which method to use to track a phone number. However, if you want to keep the target user from knowing that you’re tracking them, GEOfinder is the best solution. It works anonymously so that your private data won’t be revealed. 


    If you need phone number tracking in Australia, you can use a few different methods, like Find My iPhone or Find My Device. Although these methods are free, they are not anonymous, so the target person can easily spot surveillance. So, if you are struggling for complete anonymity, then GEOfinder is what you need.

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