Can You Still See Their Location If They Block Your Phone Number?

they block your phone number

    Imagine the case: you are tracking your partner’s location, but after relationship difficulties, they decide to block your number. Can you still see someone’s location if they blocked you? In short, yes, you can. But it will be possible if they decide to share it with you. Whether it’s Google Maps or tools like Find My, tracking is possible until they prohibit you. Well, what should you do if things worsen, your number is blocked, and built-in apps are of no help? The answer lies in understanding that, even if someone blocks you, there may still be ways to see their location. Read this article to dive deeper into this matter.

    Short Verdict

    If someone blocked you, can you still see their location? Yes, and it’s possible until they turn off location tracking with you on Find My or the location-sharing limit expires, which applies to iOS and Android smartphones. Do you wonder what to do if tracking is restricted? is the solution you need. This web-based tool provides alternatives for tracking even when facing restrictions, ensuring you stay informed about the location despite being blocked.

    If Someone Has Blocked You, Can You Still See Their Location?

    It’s understandable for a concerned parent to feel worried if their child suddenly stops them from tracking their whereabouts. In such a situation, seeking a solution is natural to ensure their safety. The question arises: “How can you see someone’s location if they blocked you?”

    If I Block Someone on iPhone, Is There a Way to Track Their Location Even So? 

    Yes. If you block someone on your iPhone, you can still see their location, but they must opt to share their location with you. It started back with the Find My Friends application that in 2019 was combined with Find My, Find My iPhone, and Find My Car apps. 

    Find My Friends in its original form was not restricted by location blocking, meaning that you were able to see someone’s location, although they must still decide to share their location with you or not. 

    With the Find My app, the share location option must appear green for anyone to see your or someone else’s location. However, even if someone has shared a location with you, the app will only work once they activate location sharing on their iPhone privacy settings.  

    If Someone Blocks You, Do They Stop Sharing Their Location? 

    If someone blocked your number, can you still see their location? Yes, you can. You will be able to see their location even if they block your number as it is independent of the Find My or Find My Device. However, in the event that you encounter difficulties and find yourself unable to view the target person’s location, two scenarios may offer an explanation:

    • The location sharing time is over: When a person shares their location using the Find My or Find My Device location-sharing app, there is a time length they need to choose during which their location will be shared with you. So, if they choose a specific time, like “Until The End of The Day,” tracking ends when that day concludes. They can also select an option with no time limit for unlimited tracking.
    • They restrict location sharing: Similarly to allowing their location sharing, they can also forbid it for you. So, if you cannot track them, the reason may be that you have been removed from the list of contacts they share their whereabouts with. 

    If I Block Someone, Does It Mean My Location Stops Being Shared?

    No, it doesn’t. It is almost the same as mentioned in the section above: the time limit defines the period the person who tracks you will be allowed to monitor your real-time location. So, if you choose “2 hours”, the location sharing limit will expire in 2 hours and won’t allow the person who tracks your location to see your whereabouts until you decide to prolong the time or set the “Indefinitely” option. 

    So, if the blocked user is still tracking your location and you want to stop it, follow the steps mentioned below:

    1. Open your cell phone settings.
    2. Choose “Privacy” and navigate to “Location Services”.
    3. Choose the application (Find My/Find My Device) and switch it off. 
    4. That’s it. 

    If Someone Has Blocked You, How Can You Track Their Location Online?

    If someone blocked your number, can you still see their location? Or what should you do if the person turned off the “Precise Location” feature on their smartphone? One way that will assist you with it to detect their whereabouts is to apply The app does not require installation and works in silence mode through the principle of sending a simple SMS text message:

    1. Go to the website using your cell phone or PC, eter the phone number and select “Find”.
    2. Purchase a subscription plan.
    3. Send an SMS with a tracking link.
    4. Track down the current location.


    Regardless of the third-party apps you choose to track other people’s location if you’ve been blocked, respecting their privacy, following your state laws, and prioritizing open communication when engaging with others is important. Remember, fostering trust and maintaining open lines of communication is essential for healthy relationships.


    If someone blocks you on iPhone (iOS) that they share locations with you indefinitely, will it stop allowing you to see their location?

    No, it won’t stop allowing you to see their location. The “Indefinitely” feature on Find My means that the person allows you to track their location for an unlimited period. And even if they decide to block your cell phone number, you will still be able to locate them till the “Indefinitely” option is turned off.

    Is there a way to block someone on iPhone without notifying them that you’ve stopped sharing location? 

    Blocking a cell phone number has nothing to do with location sharing the Find My app offers. If you block them, they can still see your location. So, if you want to stop sharing your location with them, set the time-sharing limit or turn it off completely. Remember that changing these settings may send a notification to the person you’re sharing with. 

    How can I stop someone from sharing their location with me?

    If you want to stop someone from sharing their location with you, the best option to do it will be to ask them to disable location sharing on their device. Alternatively, using a special location tracking app, you can modify the settings to stop getting their location updates.

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